Thursday, March 23, 2017

Etsy Small Business Contest | A Vote Towards Change

"We believe our differences are what make Etsy such a special place. There’s a different story behind every shop on Etsy. The Etsy Small Business Contest gives each and every one a chance to share their unique story. The shop with the most votes wins a $10,000 prize to help scale their business."

Wooden Pyrography Octopus Box
Teq Tantrum
Winston Salem
United States

Briefly tell us about your business and what makes it different. Details could include how you got started, what makes your business stand out, or how difference has helped your business and others.

Many people are like silt in a stream; carried along not resisting the current until they sink and settle. When my children were born, I knew I couldn't be yet another example of that. I knew that resistance was necessary. I became determined to give them a good life. A good life isn't easy, but it is rewarding. It's a life of reclaiming and reworking, testing and pushing, repurposing and recycling. My shop is a testament to those rewards, of respecting the difficulty of a craft over the ease of mass production. My work is a way to show how to get the most out of everything instead of taking things for granted. My pieces are born from landfill-bound finds or artisan-crafted supplies, growing handmade communities. My shop is my way of illuminating change, a world that is more than greed and waste. Working from home, I hope to demonstrate the grit, love, and gratitude I want my children to know are the keys to the good life. My shop is my fight. My art is my voice. My fuel... change.

How would you use the Etsy Small Business Contest money to scale your business in a big way this year?:

Pyrography Pallet Wood Wall Sconcespyrography wall sculpture from repurposed pallet woodMy shop is currently being ran from my cramped and chaotic home that is under construction and is in need of an official studio space to allow for the growth that it has been eager take on for some time now. My ideal studio would include hidden storage of materials & finished products, tools, shipping station, & photo booth to provide a clean, "blank canvas" look & feel which is crucial for proper flow of creativity. It would include space for artist collaborations, a sit-in area for clients, large work table, lots of natural lighting from windows with a clear view which will allow me to feel more connected to the outdoors & my children since I could watch them run & play in , our backyard, even overhead lighting, a ventilation system to reduce risk of health issues from burning wood & other various hazards. It would allow me the space to hire an assistant, expand to a team of artists and invite clients in for a personal approach to custom art.


and help bring that new
studio space once step closer to becoming 
a reality!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

"You're Late for Tea!" | A Wonderland Tea Table

Around the end of 2016 I went through a spell where my head was FULL of Alice in Wonderland....and, I do mean FULL(er)! I've had so many Ideas on pieces for a collection that I am hoping to release by the end of 2017.

First on my list? 
A freakin' Wonderland tea table! YESSS!

Not just a Wonderland tea table but, a mandala Wonderland tea table with TONS of strange interactions, geometric patterning, texture and color. Words can't even begin to explain how stoked I am about this project.

The journey begins HER!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Burned, Beaded & Upcycled Bohemain Pendulum Clock

     I started working on this clock around the middle of the year and I'm so excited to say that it's nearing completion! I found this pendulum wall clock in a friend's storage building while rummaging through a mound of stuff they were just going to throw out. It wasn't the prettiest thing in the world and wasn't in the best of shape, but it had great bones and tons of I thought I'd give it some good lovin' and see if I could bring it back to life. After hour and hours and hours of work, this is where I find myself with it...

     The outer shell of the clock is pyrographed (wood burned) in an all original, zentangle "lace-like" design and stained in the most vibrant array of colors possible. It features leafy greens, sky blues, passionate purples, punches of pink and pops of oranges and, basically, it's a rainbow! Did I mention that I LOVE rainbows?!